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Freebie Friday: Download Our Favorite Counting System Reference Chart

Download below!

Counting System Chart
Download • 174KB

Do you ever have students who come to your studio using different counting methods? It can sometimes be tricky transitioning from one system to another or even adapting to what your student is already using. In February 2021, we gave a presentation at MusicEdConnect called “Let Me Count the Ways: Exploring Different Counting Methods and How to Adapt Them in Our Teaching.”

You can still purchase a replay pass for this amazing online conference here. Honestly, it is one of my favorite conferences each year because it is filled with both presenters and attendees who really think outside the box when it comes to music teaching.

Olivia and I both came to the conclusion that it is helpful to be a little bit familiar with all of the counting systems and be able to adapt or modify as needed. Students can learn more than one counting system just like they can learn cursive vs. print when writing. Both are acceptable methods of writing but they are simply different and achieve slightly different goals. Similarly, different counting systems can be used in different contexts to achieve different goals.

We wanted to share our quick reference chart so that you can easily get familiar with these different counting systems. The diagram is great for keeping handy during lessons.

To learn more about the different counting systems, purchase our session replay at