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  • Olivia Ellis

Make Practice Life Easier with Erasable Colored Pencils

Do you and your students get lost in the sea of black pencil marks in their music? If you work on the same piece for long, it can get very confusing! My solution is to brighten up your lessons (and the sheet music!) with erasable colored pencils.

Each week, the student gets to choose a new color which makes it easy to track which suggestions are current. So, if they pick orange, when they practice at home, they know to look for all the orange markings in their score that week. (Tip: I always save the red pencil for the last lesson before a performance.)

I keep my colored pencils on my piano in a small vase with beads, sometimes adding this flower pen I bought on a trip to Seoul. It reminds me of a bouquet of flowers, which makes this plant-loving piano teacher happy!

After trying several brands, I settled on Crayola. They sharpen easily and, best of all, they have an erasable option! This pack is more expensive at around $10-14, but trust me when I say, the erasers are worth it! How many times do you change your mind on dynamics or a fingering? These work just like regular pencils but with the added benefit of colors.

Give these a try and post a comment below to let us know what you think!