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  • Davis Dorrough

This Practice Game Changes Everything (Free PDF Download)

Is that hard spot just not getting worked out with your student? Maybe it’s time to take things up a notch with this frustratingly effective game.

In Philip Johnston’s book, The Practice Revolution, he gives many different ideas for practice strategies, but The Seven Stages of Misery is the one that seems to stick in everyone’s minds. You’ll see...

For this game, you will need to create a small game board with spaces one through seven. could use mine!

I’ve provided two different free downloadable versions of the game board if you’d like to use these.

Don’t want to print them? Use them on your tablet!

Version one is a basic game board layout. Click here to download. This is great to use with your high-school students or adults. It’s been labeled simply “The Seven Stages” in order to remove some of the intimidation of the "Misery" part.

Version two is a more fun spin on the game. Click here to download. On this game board, I’ve turned it into a pirate-themed adventure that takes students through a series of "dangerous" obstacles.

This was specifically designed with one student in mind who knows everything, literally degree-worthy knowledge, about every Pirates of the Caribbean movie ever made.

One tip: Beware of the “Killer Seagull." It’s the worst! I always get a laugh when I mention how vicious the tiny seagull is that sits at the last stage of the journey.

The number one response has been, “It’s so tiny!?” Many of my older students really like this version too.

Once you’ve secured a game board, students may move forward one space for each correct repetition of a selected practice section. That’s the relatively easy part.

The catch is, every time an incorrect repetition is made, the student has to MOVE BACKWARDS ONE SPACE.

This makes the journey to seven a rather difficult, but effective, process.

The game is great for showing students what areas need more work than they think. If they can make it through the seven stages every day of the week, chances are they probably know that section pretty well!

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