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  • Angela Marshall

Ninja Pre-Reading Freebie

Title: Ninja Pre-Reading Freebie: An Easy Ninja Theme Piece For Young Students

My students love ninjas. A lot. There's just something fun about them, and the idea of training and leveling up your skills fits well with the work we do as musicians.

I've embraced a ninja theme in my studio this semester, and it has been a hit! I'll do a separate post about everything I've done around that theme in a few weeks, but first I wanted to share a free resource with you.

A few of my students are too young to participate in the ninja themed activities with the rest of the studio. I didn't want them to feel left out, so I made these ninja pre-reading pieces for them! It has been a great way to reinforce keyboard layout, and the image of a ninja leaping up a mountain is a great visual for their technique.

I hope your students enjoy these pieces as much as mine have!

Download the Ninja Pre-Reading Pieces

preview of ninja pre-reading resource

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