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Monster Dynamic Cards (Free Printable Download)

Monster Music Dynamic Cards

Download for free here:

Preview of Monster Music Dynamic Cards Printout

This week we are sharing some fun dynamics cards that feature colorful monsters! This is a great hands-on resource to help your students learn the hierarchy of dynamics, improvise, and more!

Simply print, cut, and laminate these cards to get started using them in your studio.

Here are our top 5 ways to use them:

1. Introduce Dynamics: use the cards to help young students get familiar with the hierarchy of dynamics. Shuffle the cards and then have them place them in order (quietest to loudest OR loudest to quietest)

2. Crescendo and Diminuendo: Some of these monsters are magical and can transform from piano to forte! Turn this into a game to see if they can play a crescendo accurately and transform the monster.

3. Map a Piece: Use the cards to map all the dynamics of a piece or page of music (you may need more than one set of cards for repeat dynamics). Have the student lay out the cards in the same order in which they appear in the music.

4. Improvisation: Students love to improvise in my studio, but they often lack dynamic changes. Spread out the cards on the music rest and have students select different dynamics as they play through an improvisation.

5. Group Class Teaching: Assign a different card to each student and create a musical story with different dynamics. Or, do any of the above activities in a group setting!

Download for free here.

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