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  • Davis Dorrough

Toccata Festivo by Jennifer Linn

This uplifting toccata, with its active rhythms and spectacular ending, is sure to delight those students with a penchant for flashy repertoire. An exercise mostly in triads, students will quickly latch on to familiar patterns and be able to play from memory in no time.

Despite the percussive character of this composition, there are many opportunities to cultivate expressive nuances. With the right approach, this piece will provide both a thrilling and musically expressive performance.

"Toccata Festivo" at a Glance

Level: Early Intermediate

Key: D minor

Tempo: Allegro vivace (quarter = 168)

Hand-size limitations: Great for small hands. Blocked 5th is the largest interval.

Technical Challenges:

-must be able to play blocked triads easily and with good voicing or these will sound harsh and clunky.

-quick shifts of register

-many markings for pedaling throughout

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