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  • Davis Dorrough

The Pines by Lynn Freeman Olson

Majestic. Resplendent. Magical. These are all words that accurately describe the mood of this classic teaching piece by Lynn Freeman Olson. "The Pines" creates a special connection with both the grandeur and solitude of nature. The wide-ranging texture and sonorous harmonies entice the listener to remain captive to nature's otherworldly charms.

Students will enjoy playing the dramatic blocked fifths and experiencing the mixture of tones created through long pedals.

"The Pines" at a Glance

Level: Late Elementary

Key: A minor

Tempo: Slowly, grandly (Half note = 88)

Hand Span: Blocked sixths are used sparingly. Consists almost entirely of blocked fifths and triads.

Technical Challenges:

- requires a lot of hand movement. However, most of the movement is chord planing in fifths. It may be challenging when the chord movement is not consistent. Mostly the chords move parallel in 2nds or 3rds but occasionally a jump of a 4th used

-reading of two bass clefs is required

-good control of voicing and tension-free chord playing is necessary in order to get a rich sound in the blocked fifths and triads

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