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  • Davis Dorrough

I've Gotta Toccata by Bill Boyd

This playful toccata is a thrilling, yet accessible, technical piece for the late-elementary student. The combination of broken fifths and primary five-finger patterns makes it possible for young students to quickly memorize and develop technical fluency. I often reach for this composition when trying to find a smart-sounding piece for a young student.

"I've Gotta Toccata" at a Glance

Level: Late Elementary

Key: C Major

Tempo: With drive (half note = 84)

Hand-size limitations: A broken fifth is the largest span needed. Great for small hands.

Technical Challenges:

-the short, contrapuntal B Section is tricky for most students to navigate. It may be helpful to write in a few finger numbers for additional guidance and quicker mastery (m. 10-14).

-students should be careful to not let the RH accompaniment become too heavy (m. 4-6)

-would be a great piece for rote teaching due clear and repeating patterns.


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