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  • Davis Dorrough

Raindrops by Lee Galloway

Raindrops, by Lee Galloway, contains some of the most beautiful melody writing I've come across in elementary piano repertoire. The singing quality of the right hand is accentuated by a simple one-note left-hand accompaniment reminiscent of Chopin's Prelude in D-flat Major, Op. 28, No. 15 (the "Raindrop Prelude"). The added harmonies at the return of the A Section add even more depth and feeling, giving the performer good cause to take time and enjoy. Marked Andante, con rubato, students should strive for a performance that is neither too slow nor too strict in tempo.

"Raindrops" at a Glance

Level: Late Elementary

Key: C Major

Tempo: Quarter = 80

Form: ABA

Hand-size limitations: LH melodic major sixths in the accompaniment occur sparingly. Overall, this is an excellent piece for small hands. The melody is mostly in a five-finger pattern or uses step-wise motion.

Technical Challenges:

-students have a tendency to use a heavy, non-relaxed thumb in the left-hand accompaniment. Work will be needed for a free thumb and good balance between hands.

-students tend to naturally play this piece without any rubato, creating a performance lacking in feeling. This is a wonderful opportunity to work on rubato for the first time since the simple one-note accompaniment allows for an easy ebb and flow of the tempo.

-There are a few instances where the student will need to be able to cross the third finger over the thumb in descending scales.

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