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  • Davis Dorrough

Pagoda Bells by Mona Rejino

Pagoda Bells, by Mona Rejino, transports us to the Far East with its characteristic pentatonic motives, sonorous harmonies, liberal use of pedal, and expansive texture. This versatile piano solo is suitable for early-intermediate students of all ages due to its mature sound and generally appealing title/cover art. Teens and adult students will be sure to enjoy it too!

"Pagoda Bells" at a Glance

Level: Early Intermediate

Key: F major

Tempo: Half note = 72


Hand-size limitations: LH blocked minor 7th

Technical Challenges:

-keeping a consistent tempo may prove challenging in this slow cut-time meter with many long tones. Since the piece begins with two whole notes, a careful establishment of the pulse before the first note is played is very important so that the tempo remains consistent. After the più mosso in the B Section, students will need to relax back into Tempo I at the return of the A Section or the result may be a noticeably hurried repeat.

-getting a clear and even sound on the rolled chords may be challenging for some students, especially due to the relatively close intervals in the RH of m. 18.

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