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  • Davis Dorrough

Noche del Gitano by Ted Cooper

"Noche del Gitano" (Night of the Gypsy), exudes both energy and passion through its mixed articulations, dancing 3/4 meter, and persistent rhythms. Students will enjoy not only the spicy character of the gypsy but also the mysterious undertones that ring forth in the B section. This is a compelling musical story for both boys and girls (don't let the cover art make you think otherwise)!

"Noche del Gitano" at a Glance

Level: Late Elementary

Key: A minor

Tempo: With Energy (I perform this at around quarter=208



Hand-size limitations: Blocked fifths are the largest interval required.

Technical Challenges:

-some students will need help with the hand crossings in the B section (m. 25-40) and may need gentle reminders about correct hand placement in each octave.

-there are instances of legato RH and staccato LH being played together simultaneously in this piece (m. 7-8 and m. 17-24)

-the final hand crossing in the coda is challenging because the RH is playing a new pattern while the left hand is crossing.

-LH must leap from top to bottom of piano for last note.

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