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  • Davis Dorrough

Candlelight Prelude by Carol Klose

This beautiful, lyrical prelude provides ample opportunity to work on balance between hands, voicing of small harmonic intervals, and overall musical expressiveness. The offbeat accompaniment allows the right-hand melody to really lead, making this an especially effective teaching piece for pacing and phrasing.

One of my favorite aspects of this composition is the series of cascading runs with their small twists and turns. If performed free of tension and with expressiveness, there is a feeling of soaring or floating. The end is a beautiful resolution to a picardy third C major chord.

I would also highly recommend watching Jennifer Linn's performance of "Candlelight Prelude" at the 2013 MTNA National Conference in Anaheim, CA. In many ways, her performance is much more expressive than my own, and this particular performance was a poignant tribute to Carol Klose after her passing in 2013. Click here to watch it on YouTube.

"Candlelight Prelude" at a Glance

Level: Early Intermediate

Key: C minor

Tempo: Andante con moto (quarter=100)

Hand-size limitations: Students must be able to handle a few measures of melodic minor sevenths in the left-hand accompaniment.

Technical Challenges:

-quick jump of more than two octaves in RH (m. 13)

-Voicing and control of phrasing with small harmonic intervals in (m. 17-24)

-Pedaling ending on beat one of a measure and picking back up on beat three of the same measure (m. 28)

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