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Way Cool! by Phillip Keveren

Today's educational piano rep feature takes a look at "Way Cool!" by Phillip Keveren. This is such a great piece for the late-elementary student who loves to rock out at the piano! Marked "hip jazz-rock," this piece is full of grooving syncopated rhythms and articulations. You might need a pair of cool shades for this performance!

"Way Cool!" at a Glance

Level: Late Elementary

Key: C Major

Tempo: Quarter note = 152

Hand Span: The largest hand span is a minor 7th blocked interval. Ideal for medium-sized hands. This interval only occurs in two measures and the upper LH note may be omitted, allowing the piece to easily be modified for small hands. See m. 23 and m. 31.

Challenges: Many students initially have a difficult time with the eighth-note pentascales in tenths at the B section since the right hand does not play a traditional five-finger pattern. Lots of practice with simplified hands-together strategies will help. Consider leaving out everything after the tied note in each measure for simplified practice. (m.17-21)

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