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  • Davis Dorrough

Toccata Brillante by Dennis Alexander

This Dennis Alexander classic is a favorite in my piano studio. Commissioned in 1990, this showstopper still continues to entertain students, audiences, and festival judges! Alfred's product description has this to say about Toccata Brillante:

"A toccata is a "touch" piece, and this intermediate level solo offers good contrasts in touch, shifting rhythms, and dynamics. The meter changes from 2/2 to 1/2 (!) to 5/4 time, and the tempo is marked as "Presto." The left hand does quite a bit of ostinato broken octave work and the right hand will have broken chord and scale work."

"Toccata Brillante" at a Glance

Level: Intermediate

Key: C Major

Tempo: Half note = 100-112

Hand-size limitations: Students must be able to comfortably manage ostinato broken octaves throughout the piece.


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