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Piano House Challenge Freebie

Download the Piano House Challenge here! Davis and I love doing creative projects for our students. (You’ve probably figured that out by now.) And when we work together, we’re able to do larger-scale projects than we could complete on our own. A few summers ago, we set aside a few weeks in the summer for our most ambitious project yet: the Piano House Challenge. This was inspired by the popularity of Harry Potter houses. (For those of you not familiar with this, students in the Harry Potter books are divided into four groups based on personality characteristics. This gives them like-minded peers to study with.) We divided our houses into the four main historical periods of keyboard literatur

This Practice Game Changes Everything (Free PDF Download)

Is that hard spot just not getting worked out with your student? Maybe it’s time to take things up a notch with this frustratingly effective game. In Philip Johnston’s book, The Practice Revolution, he gives many different ideas for practice strategies, but The Seven Stages of Misery is the one that seems to stick in everyone’s minds. You’ll see... For this game, you will need to create a small game board with spaces one through seven. could use mine! I’ve provided two different free downloadable versions of the game board if you’d like to use these. Don’t want to print them? Use them on your tablet! Version one is a basic game board layout. Click here to download. This is great to

How to Translate Music Scores with Your Phone Camera

As musicians, we’re used to dealing with foreign languages. We learn Italian tempo markings and texts for Latin masses. We take coursework to pronounce German and French for art songs and operas. But what happens when your choir sings in Swahili? Or an edition of a piece you want is only available in Russian? Or you buy sheet music in Tokyo, then realize you have no idea what the performance directions are telling you to do? All of these examples come from my experiences, but the Tokyo example is the most recent. I picked up some sheet music on a recent trip to Japan, then realized I had no idea how to read the performance notes sprinkled throughout the sheet music. I also have no way to typ

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